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Bird Control (Pigeon)

We have bird control services in buildings and condominiums.

Roof painting

We paint, repair and seal all types of tiles in height.


We waterproof all kinds of ceilings and walls.

Door painting

We have the service of painting doors on metal and wood.

Pressure wash

Pressure washing service to buildings, walls and floors.

Window painting

Painting all kinds of windows and frames.

Industrial work

Rack Material: Steel Structure: Rack Type: Pallet and other.

Wood varnish

Specializing in baseboard, recessed panels,doors and window casings.

Interior wood ceiling paint

We paint all kinds of interior and patio ceilings.

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Experts in the commercial area such as condominiums, shopping centers, industrial zones and tall buildings. We follow all the required security  measures and we have the experience to complete any job requested.   

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